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I've been wanting to write about Autism Village for some time. The story is interesting… Topher Wurts, father of the proclaimed “founder” Kirby his autistic son, conceived the idea of Autism Village as "an initiative to produce practical, useful, and helpful management tools and services for those living life on the autism spectrum."

Starting with a Facebook page to engage parents of autistic children with his concept, the support was overwhelming. What followed next was a successful Kickstarter campaign with 1,236 backers pledging $75,393 to help bring their project to life – the Autism Village app for iOS and Android.

The Autism Village app runs on Concursive's Connect platform and features a directory of autism-friendly places crowdsourced by users. The places are categorized and searchable by the user's location. Each place has information and user modules for posting reviews and sharing photos. Users can submit places and reviews directly from the app by choosing from nearby businesses and organizations.

To get started, the Autism Village team presented Concursive with web and app mockups, functional requirements, and supporting artwork. A beta version for web was created, then the mobile apps were developed and plugged right in.

To learn more about Autism Village, I encourage you to check out their website and download the app on either iOS or Android.

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ConcourseSuite CRM 7 Is Now Available

Posted by Matt Rajkowski on March 19, 2014, 10:00 AM EDT
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Concursive is pleased to announce the latest version of ConcourseSuite CRM. Our award-winning CRM has been improved with new features and performance enhancements. Working with customers has allowed us to incorporate new functionality around account management, mailing lists integration, rental products and order management.

Read about the new ConcourseSuite CRM 7 features in the ConcourseSuite CRM Blog.

Learn about ConcourseSuite >

Download ConcourseSuite >

Purchase ConcourseSuite >

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Today we're announcing improvements for both ConcourseConnect and ConcourseSuite CRM at

Starting today, the Small Business and Medium-Size Business installs receive double the storage and up to double the bandwidth! The Large Business installs maintain an already low price and high value configuration.

Get started for only $99 per month!

Customers choose ConcourseConnect because they want to increase and improve collaboration in their business or organization. ConcourseConnect helps bring people together virtually to generate and share useful information and knowledge, and to solve problems effectively. Tools for your Groups and Projects include Activity Streams, Blogs, Wikis, Documents, Issue Tracking, Planning, and Tasks. That's what you get with ConcourseConnect at ConcourseCloud – an optimized version of ConcourseConnect for business collaboration!

Learn more about ConcourseConnect at

If you're looking for Customer Relationship Management, look no further than ConcourseSuite CRM. As part of our cloud offering, you receive a broad set of CRM features to streamline your sales process, target your best customers and generate qualified leads, and improve your customer's experience. Features include Lead tracking, Account and Contact Information Management, Email Marketing, Help Desk and more. The cloud offering is our most basic configuration suitable for many types of businesses that don't require much customization out of the box, but which require a great CRM experience.

Get your CRM at

Concursive Corporation brought ConcourseConnect to market in 2007 and ConcourseSuite CRM to market in 2003. Since then we have continually updated the applications for a better user-experience and better functionality. Concursive designs and deploys highly transformative social web sites based on ConcourseConnect and ConcourseSuite CRM technology. This unique product offering allows our customers to launch social web sites that attract and retain visitors.

Contact Concursive to discuss deploying your next web site on Concursive's social and mobile social technology.

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We're excited to announce the launch of six live sample sites based on common use cases for our ConcourseConnect product.

We've set up six fully functional sample sites to provide an interactive way to learn more about ConcourseConnect and to provide inspiration for your projects by illustrating some key use cases.

Each of the sites highlights a different implementation of the platform while illustrating the six default configurations available with ConcourseConnect. These configurations include variations in layout, functionality, selection and location of various content portlets, etc.

Visit our Solutions page to access the sites and view a short description of each.

In addition, our Early Access Program is now live. This program gives the community a chance to access the beta version of ConcourseConnect. To learn more about the program, read a more detailed blog post here.

I encourage you to visit the sample sites, and if you want to do a deeper dive, join the Early Access Program. As always, we look forward to and appreciate your feedback as we continue to refine our product.


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Today Concursive is proud to announce that it has become a part of the ZipTie Open Network Alliance (ZONA). ZONA is an alliance committed to several key areas which we have been continually dedicated to, including interoperability, standardization, best practices and the creation of value-added tools. In November 2006, many of these same reasons fueled our drive to become a founding member of the Open Solutions Alliance, a group dedicated to those very ideals in open source software.

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Introducing a New Blog Contributor

Posted by Michael Harvey on February 8, 2008, 7:35 AM EST
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I want to take time today to introduce my colleague, Jeff Hershey, VP of Business Development at Concursive - Business Social Software Platform, who will be posting here regularly beginning next week.

Jeff joined us last fall after a successful run as VP of Business Development for a tech company in Pennsylvania. Jeff has broad experience with both technical and non-technical companies of all sizes. His background will help expand the topic range on this blog; he will be posting some of his views/opinions on the importance of customer relationships, growing your customer base, and other general thoughts on relationship management.

He has already proven to be a great addition to the Concursive team and I am delighted to have him join forces with me on this blog.


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Welcome to the Concursive Blog

Posted by Michael Harvey on December 12, 2007, 5:30 PM EST
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As you can tell by the new blog address and name, there have been a few sweeping changes around here. Well we’ve been busy! With great pleasure, today CentricCRM announces its new name, Concursive Corporation and a new front office solution, ConcourseSuite 5.0

For some time now, our company vision has been evolving to reflect a shift beyond the boundaries of “traditional” Customer Relationship Management. CRM has traditionally focused on aggregating large amounts of customer data into sales automation, marketing automation, or customer service silos. ConcourseSuite adds significant additional capabilities that help address the needs of today's businesses who must operate in an always on, always wired world. The product is a complete front office solution that includes standard CRM capabilities, as well as web content management, enterprise content management, and team collaboration.. We wanted the new name of the company to reflect this expanded vision.

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When it came to holiday shopping this year I had only two questions: “is it possible to avoid real stores and do it all online this year?” and “where the heck can I find a Nintendo Wii?”. As promos for “Black Friday” begin showing up as early as October and an abundance of stories emerge in the papers highlighting the joys of holiday shopping - excruciating lines and fights with fellow shoppers over merchandise, it is clear to many that the holiday shopping experience can be a burden.

CRM Buyer recently ran an article “Tips for Surviving the Holiday Shopping Experience” outlining what consumers are looking for to get the most out of a shopping experience. These tips aim to help both consumers and the companies out there - looking for ways to improve time spent in stores.

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