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Matt Rajkowski

  • Raleigh-Durham, NC
CRM Account Management Event Promoter Employee

Recent Activity

September 12

Matt Rajkowski: Upgraded my dev machine to macOS Sierra over the weekend. Some settings got reset: like my terminal and Xcode, but otherwise apps and coding are working fine and it's business as usual.

8 years ago

July 11

Matt Rajkowski: I updated to iOS 10 user preview and the Concursive apps look good. I also finally updated to Android 6 M and things look good.

8 years ago

April 05

Christian Heyner @Matt Rajkowski: Hi Matt! What is happening? Are you still alive? I do not get any reaction from you. Christian

8 years ago • 1 comment

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Matt Rajkowski in reply to Christian Heyner: Yes, still alive! I'm checking and will get you a proper support area. That way I can help out but others can too.

8 years ago

March 29

Matt Rajkowski: Building an app platform for cities, with Open Data!

8 years ago

October 13

October 09

October 06

Matt Rajkowski: I've been working on a mix of iOS, Android, Web and documentation these last few weeks.

9 years ago

December 04

Matt Rajkowski: The Gartner Programming Language Index for 2014 shows Java is still on top...

9 years ago

October 05

Matt Rajkowski: I'm using OS X 10.10 GM and all my developer apps are working just fine – the only quirk was having to install Java 6 for IntelliJ IDE to work. Xcode, VMware Fusion, Photoshop, OmniFocus, ForkLift and Twitter.

10 years ago

July 24

Matt Rajkowski: I'm testing a CRM update with a new API. Also testing an oauth twitter integration in Connect.

10 years ago

May 01

Matt Rajkowski: Almost made it 24 hours without using a computer. I tried. 🐯

10 years ago • 1 comment

Mark G. photo

Mark G. @Matt Rajkowski in reply to Matt Rajkowski: Phew, that must have been tough... does a tablet or phone count? ;-)

10 years ago

March 07

Matt Rajkowski: Working on mobile today and trying out some updated apps.

1 decade ago

February 20

Matt Rajkowski: Gearing up for new releases across the board! It will be nice to see the CRM updated soon – several customers already using the beta.

1 decade ago

My Profile

  • Hometown: Raleigh-Durham, NC
  • Occupation: Developer
  • Company: Concursive Corporation
  • Why I'm interested in Concursive: Great technology and very versatile.
  • Interested in my own mobile community: Yes
  • Interested in Customer Relationship Management: Yes