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A Look Back at 2007: Open Source and Social Networking

Posted by Michael Harvey on December 21, 2007, 7:15 PM EST
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The end of 2007 is close, an ideal chance to reflect back on the year. It’s been a great year for us, from gaining investment from Intel, launching our new Concourse Suite 5.0, and of course our name change which reflects the growing presence of the company. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our employees, customers, partners and investors, which have supported us throughout 2007.

I noticed that Mashable, the largest social networking news blog, ran a piece on “Best of 2007: Trends That Shaped the Web”. Three of the trends that Mashable selected: ecommerce, social networking and open source, are all areas that Concursive is directly involved in. In our drive to enable organizations to connect through the simplicity of a single platform solution, we provide the tools that better enable ecommerce, embrace all social networking standards – and all through open source standards.

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Interoperability in Open Source

Posted by Michael Harvey on December 19, 2007, 6:45 PM EST
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Last week was an exceptionally busy week for Concursive: launching our new website, announcing our name change, and releasing our new Concourse Suite 5.0. And during this hectic week, there was even more news that I wanted to take a moment to address.

Our friends at the Open Solutions Alliance released the results of the surveys they have been collecting, evaluating customers’ views on Open Source software. Overall, the data seems to be pretty positive, highlighting the cost effectiveness and simple customization of Open Source solutions. Conversely, the OSA found that the point of contention for customers is the potential interoperability issues with Open Source applications.

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Welcome to the Concursive Blog

Posted by Michael Harvey on December 12, 2007, 5:30 PM EST
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As you can tell by the new blog address and name, there have been a few sweeping changes around here. Well we’ve been busy! With great pleasure, today CentricCRM announces its new name, Concursive Corporation and a new front office solution, ConcourseSuite 5.0

For some time now, our company vision has been evolving to reflect a shift beyond the boundaries of “traditional” Customer Relationship Management. CRM has traditionally focused on aggregating large amounts of customer data into sales automation, marketing automation, or customer service silos. ConcourseSuite adds significant additional capabilities that help address the needs of today's businesses who must operate in an always on, always wired world. The product is a complete front office solution that includes standard CRM capabilities, as well as web content management, enterprise content management, and team collaboration.. We wanted the new name of the company to reflect this expanded vision.

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When it came to holiday shopping this year I had only two questions: “is it possible to avoid real stores and do it all online this year?” and “where the heck can I find a Nintendo Wii?”. As promos for “Black Friday” begin showing up as early as October and an abundance of stories emerge in the papers highlighting the joys of holiday shopping - excruciating lines and fights with fellow shoppers over merchandise, it is clear to many that the holiday shopping experience can be a burden.

CRM Buyer recently ran an article “Tips for Surviving the Holiday Shopping Experience” outlining what consumers are looking for to get the most out of a shopping experience. These tips aim to help both consumers and the companies out there - looking for ways to improve time spent in stores.

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