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Concursive joins the ZipTie Open Network Alliance (ZONA)

Posted by Michael Harvey on March 16, 2008, 9:15 AM EDT
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Today Concursive is proud to announce that it has become a part of the ZipTie Open Network Alliance (ZONA). ZONA is an alliance committed to several key areas which we have been continually dedicated to, including interoperability, standardization, best practices and the creation of value-added tools. In November 2006, many of these same reasons fueled our drive to become a founding member of the Open Solutions Alliance, a group dedicated to those very ideals in open source software.

ZONA is an alliance for the network monitoring and management community. How does Concursive, best known as a CRM vendor fit in? In addition to traditional CRM capabilities, our software, ConcourseSuite, also provides enterprise class help desk capabilities. (In fact, companies like The Weather Channel use our system to manage their internal IT help desk operations.) When something goes wrong in a network, in addition to setting off alarms and people's pagers and providing diagnostic information, and so forth, it is often helpful to open a trouble-ticket, for example. ConcourseSuite provides a method for creating such tickets automatically, and creating a workflow for resolving the issue. We also provide asset inventory tracking so that information about particular devices in a network--routers, switches, servers, etc.--can be maintained within the same system that is used for troubleshooting those assets.

The ZipTie open source project’s goal is to simplify network inventory and configuration management, and ZipForge is a collaborative effort where users can download and develop innovations in network management. In any area where we can participate in increasing interoperability, developing standards, and producing disruptive technologies, we look to do so. We are excited to be on the cutting-edge in this field through ZONA, and look forward to collaborating with the other members that joined this week, as well as the existing community.


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