Concursive Corporation is a privately held open source software development and solutions company headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia.

We are the developer of several products, including ConcourseSuite, a dedicated CRM solution, and ConcourseConnect, an integrated web-based software platform that brings together Social Business Software, Corporate Social Networking, Online Community, Business Directory, and CRM capabilities.

Concursive products are used by large enterprises and thousands of small businesses alike and our thriving developer and user community has approximately 20,000 registered community members.

  • Founded: 2000
  • Headquarters: Norfolk, VA
  • Services: Community, collaboration and business tools
  • Products: ConcourseConnect and ConcourseSuite

Concursive Corporation was formerly an Intel Capital Portfolio company.

About Legacy Ventures

Legacy is the "Venture Technologist" arm aligned with Concursive Corporation. Legacy's mission is to help solve problems that matter like improving healthcare, reducing food insecurity and combatting rising sea levels by connecting and arming "the crowd" with communications, tools and data.

While VCs (Venture Capitalists) employ capital in concert with founders to create new solutions, Legacy acts similarly but in place of capital brings technology. Our IP, code and expertise reduce risk, accelerate product development, shorten time to market thus enhancing investors' ROI.

Legacy Ventures' portfolio companies all focus on problems where the solution greatly involves people better working together either with other individuals, in groups or with businesses, non-profits and municipalities.

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