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ProductsConcourseConnect and ConcourseSuite

One of the features of this site is that all of the profiles have a "wiki." We figured we would go ahead and use the wiki to tell you about Concursive. By the way, a wiki is all about providing information to people. The information in a wiki should be factual, up-to-date and collaborative. If you have any questions, just ask! Need the product wikis? ConcourseConnect and ConcourseSuite.

About Concursive

Concursive Corporation is a privately held media and software development company headquartered in Norfolk Virginia. The company is the developer of several solutions, including a dedicated CRM, ConcourseSuite, and ConcourseConnect an integrated, web-based platform that brings together Corporate Social Networking, Online Community, Business Directory, and CRM capabilities. Concursive has a thriving developer and user community based on the open source versions of its software products with some 15,000 registered community members.


Press Coverage About Concursive

May 19, 2009

Concursive Offers Open Source Community Solution
David Roe, CMSWire

May 13, 2009

Concourse Connect: AGPL Software for Community Websites
Mathias Huber, Linux Magazine

Management Team

David Richards, CEO

Since 1989, David has worked with a combination of mature and growth companies. He began his career as President of AutoNet, Inc in 1989 and served in that capacity for two years. After AutoNet, David joined the Greensboro (NC) News & Record, a subsidiary of Landmark Communications in the role of Vice-President / Sales & Marketing. After serving with the News & Record David moved into the position of Vice President / Corporate Development at Landmark. He reported to the CEO and worked with the senior executive team making investments in new media. In 1995 David was appointed President & CEO of InfiNet, Inc. a three-way joint venture of Landmark, Gannett and Knight-Ridder. David returned to Landmark in 1997 to become Vice President - Corporate. In this position he was responsible for two, wholly-owned subsidiaries: Landmark Community Interests and CareerWeb. In April 1998, David was named Chairman & CEO of Physicians' Online. At that time Physicians' Online was the largest authenticated community of on-line physicians in the world (+ 200,000 MD members). POL was a turnaround that David successfully sold after 18 months for $180 million prior to his departure in December 1999. David founded Concursive Corporation in January 2000. David received his BA from Williams College and his MBA from the Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. He is married to Janie Battle Richards and they live with their two sons in Norfolk, VA.

Tom Manos, CTO & EVP

A nationally recognized Internet authority, Tom has held a number of senior management positions at growth companies, including Chairman and CEO of North Wall, L.L.C., and Executive Vice President of Engineering for NetworkTwo Communications Group.
Prior to his position with NetworkTwo, he was Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of InfiNet and President of InfiNet Network Services Division. Founded by Tom and two partners in January 1993, Tom helped grow InfiNet into a US top twenty ISP, and the largest "private label" ISP in the world at that time. Tom and his partners sold their interest to Landmark Communications in 1995. A retired navy Lieutenant Commander and a former Director of Computer Operations for the World Wide Military Command and Control System (WWMCCS). Tom is also a long time member of the Executive Advisory Board of the International Engineering Consortium, holds seats on several other boards of directors and is a frequent speaker at telecommunications industry conferences. Tom has a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Computer Science. He lives with his wife, Gail and their two children in Chesapeake, VA.

Matt Rajkowski, VP & Chief Architect

In early 2001 Matt Rajkowski joined Concursive, working side by side with management on all technical architecture and product oversight responsibilities. Before joining Concursive, Rajkowski led the development of an automotive sales and service application for a web startup. Rajkowski also founded and created, an online project management and collaboration application. Today, thousands of users use the Team Elements software to maintain their projects. Rajkowski earned a bachelor's of science degree from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, where he graduated summa cum laude and the top graduate from his college. Rajkowski lives with his wife, Kristen in Suffolk, Virginia.

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