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ConcourseConnect and ConcourseSuite CRM Cloud Offering Improvements

Posted by Matt Rajkowski on September 29, 2011, 10:15 AM EDT
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Today we're announcing improvements for both ConcourseConnect and ConcourseSuite CRM at

Starting today, the Small Business and Medium-Size Business installs receive double the storage and up to double the bandwidth! The Large Business installs maintain an already low price and high value configuration.

Get started for only $99 per month!

Customers choose ConcourseConnect because they want to increase and improve collaboration in their business or organization. ConcourseConnect helps bring people together virtually to generate and share useful information and knowledge, and to solve problems effectively. Tools for your Groups and Projects include Activity Streams, Blogs, Wikis, Documents, Issue Tracking, Planning, and Tasks. That's what you get with ConcourseConnect at ConcourseCloud – an optimized version of ConcourseConnect for business collaboration!

Learn more about ConcourseConnect at

If you're looking for Customer Relationship Management, look no further than ConcourseSuite CRM. As part of our cloud offering, you receive a broad set of CRM features to streamline your sales process, target your best customers and generate qualified leads, and improve your customer's experience. Features include Lead tracking, Account and Contact Information Management, Email Marketing, Help Desk and more. The cloud offering is our most basic configuration suitable for many types of businesses that don't require much customization out of the box, but which require a great CRM experience.

Get your CRM at

Concursive Corporation brought ConcourseConnect to market in 2007 and ConcourseSuite CRM to market in 2003. Since then we have continually updated the applications for a better user-experience and better functionality. Concursive designs and deploys highly transformative social web sites based on ConcourseConnect and ConcourseSuite CRM technology. This unique product offering allows our customers to launch social web sites that attract and retain visitors.

Contact Concursive to discuss deploying your next web site on Concursive's social and mobile social technology.

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