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Social Business Software and CRM - Concursive Corporation is a privately held media and software development company headquartered in Norfolk Virginia. We are the developer of several products, including ConcourseSuite, a dedicated CRM solution, and ConcourseConnect, an integrated Social Mobile Local web-based software platform that brings together Corporate Social Networking, Collaboration, Online Community, Business Directory, and CRM capabilities. Concursive products are used by large enterprises and thousands of small businesses alike and our thriving developer and user community has more than 18,000 registered community members.
  • Founded: 2000
  • Headquarters: Norfolk, VA
  • Services: Community, collaboration and business tools
  • Products: ConcourseConnect and ConcourseSuite

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Concursive Corporation tweeted Nice interactive visual and event to validate and improve models of nuisance flooding…

7 years ago

Concursive Corporation tweeted RT @AltDaily: Op-ed: King Tide Could Be Glimpse into Future Flooding in Hampton Roads

7 years ago

Concursive Corporation tweeted RT @abking916: I am looking forward to the #catchtheking initiative this weekend. Thank you @wetlandswatchVA & @Concursive for making it p…

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October 30

Concursive Corporation tweeted A great weekend supporting #tampastrides with #mobile #apps scavenger hunt!

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October 16

Concursive Corporation tweeted Learn more about the King Tide sea level rise effort at

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June 28

Concursive Corporation tweeted Norfolk's July Wellness Competition for good decisions on exercise, food, mindfulness and sleep…

7 years ago

May 25

Concursive Corporation tweeted The #wellness teams platform is out! Get the apps, create a team, and compete

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Matt Rajkowski @Concursive Corporation: The Building Blocks of Digital Transformation: Community, Tech, Business Models, and a Change Platform

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August 29

Concursive Corporation tweeted Good job using the Concursive and OpenDataSoft platforms!

8 years ago

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