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Today we're announcing that ConcourseSuite is available as a cloud service. What makes this unique, is that you can now get started with a CRM for only $99/month, no matter how many users you have. Organizations use CRM in many different ways, so Concursive has created a new deployment option that is based on actual usage – the more bandwidth and storage you require, the more resources you pay for.

To put this in perspective, a traditional Enterprise-Class CRM license is based on many factors including number of users, access to source, integration, customization options, support, maintenance and more.

Organizations that choose ConcourseSuite in the Cloud receive:

  • A complete customer relationship management site: containing Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Marketing and Help Desk, plus API access for integration
  • ConcourseCloud CRM software license: the software license for the first month is billed immediately. You will be automatically billed each subsequent month from your date of purchase and are free to cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us: support at
  • Administrator access: your contact information will be used to create the first site user when your instance is ready -- you can invite any number of other users
  • A secure cloud instance: your site comes with SSL when you use our custom domain names; contact us to use your own domain name and SSL certificate
  • Fully supported and periodically updated: your site will always have the latest enhancements
  • Access to support: you can reach out to the ConcourseCloud CRM Help Desk with setup, billing, usage or any other questions you have
  • Account notices: ConcourseCloud will notify you about news and account information

 Check out Concursive's CRM pricing, then signup here to get started with your own cloud-based CRM from Concursive.

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ConcourseSuite 6.1 Now Available

Posted by Matt Rajkowski on March 2, 2011, 2:45 PM EST
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ConcourseSuite reaches version 6.1. CRM users will notice improvements to the Leads and Marketing modules, while a number of improvements correct issues that have been reported since the previous release. The development team has squeezed in updates to a number of libraries which extends support to newer versions of PostgreSQL and Asterisk. Please take the normal precautions for upgrading (like backing up the previous version, database and storage files).

The changelog follows...

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