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The SFA of CRM

Posted by Phil Kessler on March 23, 2009, 8:10 AM EDT
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It's the Simple Things that Make CRM a Compelling Solution

SFA, Sales Force Automation, in one of the three cornerstones of most CRM products.  The others are Marketing and Customer Service - they're  used on a regular basis by companies that need to manage those functions in a standardized, transparent way.  But when a CRM solution is used for Customer Service, every transaction is entered into the system for disposition - it's not an option.  The Marketing functionality is employed for specific tasks - surveying customers, sending promotions etc.

Sales Force Automation, the function of following up leads, managing accounts, scheduling activities and making notes on interactions are optional tasks for the salesperson.  A good salesperson, who understands the value of creating a history of interaction with customers and prospects, will take the time to add to that history so that future sales calls are focused on the customer need. In order to get sales force adoption, a CRM system has to be intuitive.

ConcourseSuite has been designed as a logical, intuitive, easy to use CRM product that is can be customized in a varierty of ways by the user.   It is a  tool that makes it very easy for sales people to enter data, move from screen to screen and create the history necessary for successful sales calls.

Flashy software has it's place, but a CRM system should invite quick, straightforward communication with the user.. ConcourseSuite makes it easy.

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Big CRM on a Small Budget

Posted by Michael Harvey on May 22, 2008, 10:00 PM EDT
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On our Concursive Professional Services blog we’ve talked about a number of great tips to get the most out of customer management, from the importance of managing customer relationships in a recession to adding personalized value with CRM.  But what many of our posts assume, is that you’re already working with some sort of CRM suite (hopefully, ConcourseSuite).

Today’s post is targeted more towards those who haven’t yet

One of the biggest misconceptions about CRM suites is that you need either a big company, or big budget to make best use of customer relationship software.  This is entirely not the case.

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