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ConcourseSuite 6.1 Now Available

Posted by Matt Rajkowski on March 2, 2011, 2:45 PM EST
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ConcourseSuite reaches version 6.1. CRM users will notice improvements to the Leads and Marketing modules, while a number of improvements correct issues that have been reported since the previous release. The development team has squeezed in updates to a number of libraries which extends support to newer versions of PostgreSQL and Asterisk. Please take the normal precautions for upgrading (like backing up the previous version, database and storage files).

The changelog follows...


  • When a single lead is chosen for conversion, its information is made available when an account is created for it
  • Allow a lead rating and message to be included when a lead is assigned from the overview and list pages - now consistent with the details page
  • Accessed leads now show up in recent items
  • Your Company name is now displayed on surveys
  • The same campaign recipient can manually be added multiple times
  • Upgraded PostgreSQL library
  • Upgraded Asterisk library


  • A survey error resulted when recipients tried to take a survey
  • Surveys could not be renamed
  • Uploading file versions failed
  • Assets not linked to any contract were deleted when a contract was deleted
  • Revenue was not saved
  • Duplicate --none-- appeared in some lookup lists
  • A lead could not be converted to a customer if the record did not have contact information
  • Error when converting a lead to an account using batch process
  • Content type was not truly seen as UTF-8 which could cause some problems with encoded API data
  • Files were not being attached on notifications
  • Action plans in home page were not viewable
  • Lookup list display for roles, departments and groups in action plan editor
  • Updating sales action plan step failed when next step owner was different
  • Not able to see target groups created by other users when building a campaign
  • Account contacts were not searchable by account name or account name changed
  • Error when viewing an account in a popup because of incorrect URL construction
  • Fetch lookup list from db instead of cache if it was modified
  • Hide site field and display only if there are values in the site lookup
  • Hide company name search field when criteria is employee
  • Popups did not open in pipeline search
  • Exception when a opportunity does not have a stage (when stage is hidden)
  • Reparse the campaign image URLs for errant browser entry characters
  • Security and stability issues as reported

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hi um trying to install crm concursive suite6 on XP server, i have already installed tomcat6,posgresql8.4and java6 and copied crm.war to C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\webapps and then launch it using " which takes me concursive suite interface the problem is i cant understand asterisk server and xmpp servers which i tried to download can you pliz help concerning how to configure those servers in step no4 in installation.YOUR HELP WILL BE HIGHLY APPRECITED

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spholarista otlaadisa

1 decade ago

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