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ConcourseSuite CRM 7 is Now Available

Posted by Matt Rajkowski on March 19, 2014, 10:00 AM EDT
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What's new in 7?

Administrative users of CRM 7 will immediately notice a new Orders Module which can be enabled for all users. This module is an extension of the Quotes Module and allows users to turn quotes into orders. From there, orders can be tracked with events and notes until complete.

Quotes and Orders also gain an enhanced calendar view. This view is essential if you have trucks making product deliveries and pickups. To support businesses that rent products, there is also a new "rentals" product type which allows you to estimate inventory on certain dates when coupled with our new rental calculator.

Working with accounts is now even easier thanks to portlets which have been added to the Account Details page. Users can see the recent history, orders, quotes, tickets and contacts right on one page.

Behind-the-scenes, the API has been simplified in CRM 7. Client applications written in Java can take advantage of Account, Contact, Order, and Product Catalog API Helpers which allow records and configuration data to be easily imported into the CRM.

ConcourseSuite CRM is now available in both a free 5-user trial version and commercial versions which include source code. David Richards, CEO of Concursive says "We've found that technologists want to be able to have the ultimate in CRM customization and integration with their businesses, and they have the developers to support internal development and maintenance. So we've made the latest source code available for as little as $750 with 1 year of upgrades."

Download and install ConcourseSuite CRM today. Our CRM is mature, robust, aggressively priced, and comes with the latest source code -- you're never locked in. Our licensed editions come with 1 year of maintenance, upgrades, new versions and source code.

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Today we're announcing that ConcourseSuite is available as a cloud service. What makes this unique, is that you can now get started with a CRM for only $99/month, no matter how many users you have. Organizations use CRM in many different ways, so Concursive has created a new deployment option that is based on actual usage – the more bandwidth and storage you require, the more resources you pay for.

To put this in perspective, a traditional Enterprise-Class CRM license is based on many factors including number of users, access to source, integration, customization options, support, maintenance and more.

Organizations that choose ConcourseSuite in the Cloud receive:

  • A complete customer relationship management site: containing Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Marketing and Help Desk, plus API access for integration
  • ConcourseCloud CRM software license: the software license for the first month is billed immediately. You will be automatically billed each subsequent month from your date of purchase and are free to cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us: support at
  • Administrator access: your contact information will be used to create the first site user when your instance is ready -- you can invite any number of other users
  • A secure cloud instance: your site comes with SSL when you use our custom domain names; contact us to use your own domain name and SSL certificate
  • Fully supported and periodically updated: your site will always have the latest enhancements
  • Access to support: you can reach out to the ConcourseCloud CRM Help Desk with setup, billing, usage or any other questions you have
  • Account notices: ConcourseCloud will notify you about news and account information

 Check out Concursive's CRM pricing, then signup here to get started with your own cloud-based CRM from Concursive.

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Email Marketing

Posted by Phil Kessler on March 16, 2009, 8:40 AM EDT
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Identify Your Targets

Email marketing can be an effective tool to grow your business when the group you are contacting has been carefully segmented by certain criteria you decide is the most effective way of identifying prospects. 

In your business, it may be size of the prospect, how long a company has been in business, or the prospects associations with other customers .  The important thing is you must look at your business and decide what characteristics are most important for a prospect to have when introducing them to your products and then tag each one with a one or more of those attributes when entering them into your customer database. 

Concourse Suite makes it easy to enter contact information and assign multiple Contact Types to each one.  If your business sells to individuals, you can enter their information and assign the Contact Types you've decided are the most important to your marketing efforts.  If your customers are companies, you can assign individuals to those companies, enter specific contact information and Contact Types to each, and create groups of Contacts to market to.

Identifying markets and targeting specific groups who are more likely to have a need for your specific products is a more effective way to build your business and increase your revenue.

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