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You can do really great things, and here's how

Posted by Matt Rajkowski on April 26, 2011, 10:00 AM EDT
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At Concursive, we pride ourselves on creating comprehensive products and platforms which are easy to compile, install, upgrade and customize from source. Take for example, ConcourseSuite CRM: once installed, the application works just as well on a disconnected network as it does on the Internet. ConcourseConnect, the enterprise social computing and social networking platform, achieves the same goal, but when connected to the Internet it takes advantage of additional resources when they are available and configured: Google Maps and Geolocation APIs, Google Analytics, Twitter API, Facebook Sharing, and Web Services for Remote Portlets.

Installation is a snap, as the products only require a Java installation, Apache Tomcat Web Server and PostgreSQL Database Server. The Portlet Portals, cache and distributed cache, indexed searches, APIs, Workflow Engine, Decisioning Engine, Messaging and Security are all embedded without additional servers and services to manage. When more infrastructure is needed, Concursive products can be load-balanced by toggling a few configuration parameters for the load-balancer and turning services on and off for specific instances.

Access to the latest source, and having your own customization branch is essential to leveraging the platform. Our partners use the source to add-on features, tailor the source to their developers, customize dashboards and fields, and create new functionality that is contributed and integrated back into the core releases when possible.

Here are three examples:


OpenStrides, a Concursive Partner in India, uses the CRM source code to enhance the customer's dashboards with Flash generated graphs, fuzzy search improvements in the Leads module, and new functionality in the Accounts module which allows for arbitrary fields to be added to the Accounts page from the Admin module.


Chaikin Power Tools, which provides individual investors with decision-making tools previously available only to Wall Street professionals, has launched their web site on ConcourseConnect. The initial phase uses ConcourseConnect as the web and content platform, with future possibilities of launching a community given the capabilities and features of Connect. This is a great looking site that was well thought out. Aside from the custom theme, this site uses on-the-fly content pages for creating landing pages by the community manager, the site hosts several mobile web pages, and there is integration with a backend PDF report generator server. This site is integrated with ConcourseSuite CRM.


Chairman's View, a company which helps businesses assess and understand their enterprise value and identify strengths and weaknesses that can affect their value, has launched an e-commerce site using ConcourseConnect, called The site utilizes a custom theme to convey information using the real-time content management editor. This site is also the first to implement Concursive's Decision Support System which allows partners to fill out an online business assessment survey and then receive a dynamically generated PDF file, with calculations based on the input, as email.

Next Steps? Contact us. There are many resources on this site that you can use to learn more about CRM and enterprise social computing and social networking. For demos, specific questions, and to get started, we can help.

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