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In hindsight, it almost feels inevitable that after countless anti-trust lawsuits and reticence towards third-party developers, Microsoft has opened up its major APIs. Following the likes of Google, a company that strongly encourages community development on its products, Microsoft's move seems a bit overdue but ultimately quite logical.

More and more software focus is turning away from desktop computing towards web applications and services. The SaaS phenomenon is one example, as is the increasingly visible open source movement.

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Introducing a New Blog Contributor

Posted by Michael Harvey on February 8, 2008, 7:35 AM EST
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I want to take time today to introduce my colleague, Jeff Hershey, VP of Business Development at Concursive - Business Social Software Platform, who will be posting here regularly beginning next week.

Jeff joined us last fall after a successful run as VP of Business Development for a tech company in Pennsylvania. Jeff has broad experience with both technical and non-technical companies of all sizes. His background will help expand the topic range on this blog; he will be posting some of his views/opinions on the importance of customer relationships, growing your customer base, and other general thoughts on relationship management.

He has already proven to be a great addition to the Concursive team and I am delighted to have him join forces with me on this blog.


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