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  • Norfolk, VA
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Social Business Software and CRM - Concursive Corporation is a privately held media and software development company headquartered in Norfolk Virginia. We are the developer of several products, including ConcourseSuite, a dedicated CRM solution, and ConcourseConnect, an integrated Social Mobile Local web-based software platform that brings together Corporate Social Networking, Collaboration, Online Community, Business Directory, and CRM capabilities. Concursive products are used by large enterprises and thousands of small businesses alike and our thriving developer and user community has more than 16,000 registered community members.
  • Founded: 2000
  • Headquarters: Norfolk, VA
  • Services: Community, collaboration and business tools
  • Products: ConcourseConnect and ConcourseSuite

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Matt Rajkowski @Concursive Corporation: "Collaborative digital hub mobilises communities around corruption" from BizCommunity

5 months ago

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October 25

Matt Rajkowski @Concursive Corporation: 4 Essential steps to reach social community critical mass by The Social Business Council

8 months ago

September 25

Matt Rajkowski @Concursive Corporation: Three trends in business app development: cloud, user experience, componentization

9 months ago

August 19

Matt Rajkowski @Concursive Corporation: A few basic missteps in introducing enterprise collaboration are often all that separate a successful project from one with few business benefits. From ZDNet

11 months ago • 2 comments

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Mark G. @Concursive Corporation in reply to Matt Rajkowski: Good article, like the quote "Collaboration without purpose, makes no sense" Thanks for sharing.

11 months ago

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Janice S. @Concursive Corporation in reply to Matt Rajkowski: Agreed - good article. I think the topic of measurement deserves focus in itself. Many organisations flaunt the implementation of the initial tools such as intranets but haven't applied any metrics - so measurement in itself - i.e. how and what - is worthy of focus.

11 months ago

July 24

Matt Rajkowski @Concursive Corporation: The evolution of the community manager: inside Etsy

1 year ago

June 12

Matt Rajkowski @Concursive Corporation: Think you're using social collaboration? You're probably not - from zdnet

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erin wu @Concursive Corporation in reply to Matt Rajkowski: Is there only you a person ?

1 year ago

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