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Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step in putting ConcourseConnect—a cutting-edge commercial social networking solution— to work for your organization.

But, what, exactly is this new solution and how can it be deployed to meet your organization’s goals and objectives? This User Guide will answer these questions and more. Inside you will find:

  1. Quick Tour: An illustrated “road map” of the ConcourseConnect community solution
  2. Getting Started: A straight-forward, step-by-step technical guide for the community Administrator
  3. Resources for ConcourseConnect on Including a quick tour of ConcourseCloud, getting started with ConcourseCloud, ConcourseCloud user documentation, and using the wiki
  4. Training Guide: Getting work done based on different scenarios

Before we get into the details, let’s briefly review how your organization can benefit from this unique commercial networking solution.

1. Engage online communities
Organizational success has always been dependant on the participation of stakeholders—employees, customers, fans, donors, partners, citizens. And now, with ConcourseConnect your organization can harness the power of these key stakeholders in a dynamic, online environment.

2. Foster collaboration
Collaboration is a process whereby two or more people or organizations work together toward common goals. The success of your organization depends on it. ConcourseConnect can help your organization collaborate like never before.

3. Maximize sales and marketing opportunities
All organizations utilize sales and marketing tools—from a simple spreadsheet to enterprise-wide CRM systems, these are the tools that move your organization forward. ConcourseConnect merges cutting-edge community and collaboration features with tested CRM functionality, enabling organizations to supercharge these activities. An innovative “multi-tenant” feature even gives community members access to the tools for free, enabling the entire community to achieve success.

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