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Configurable Capabilities

In addition to all of the features of ConcurseConnect, here are some standard capabilities that come with ConcourseConnect and additional capabilities that we have implemented for customers.

Standard Capabilities

When you startup ConcourseConnect for the first time, these are the kinds of capabilities that you can easily customize to your needs.

Social Network Types

Community, social network, intranet, website, idea forum and more

Basic Profile Types

Choose from People, Groups, Events, Projects, Spaces, Ideas, Places, Businesses, Organizations, Programs, Challenges, Deals, Sponsors, Partners, Webcasts

Basic Content Pages

Home page, default landing page per profile, content pages, special purpose pages like blog, news, discussions and documents.

Theme and Style

Choose a logo and use CSS to customize the look and feel of your site. Templates are provided and you can override a little or replace everything.

Content Editing

The editors allow you to build dynamic HTML5 slideshows and content with images and videos. Customize your site's tabs with a Javascript drop-down menu. Use URL redirects when moving your site to the Concursive platform so that your existing URLs can point to your community content. There's an integrated full text search engine so users find what they are looking for.

Social Media

Allow content to be shared to Facebook and Twitter. Pull tweets from Twitter into your site. Use Facebook Login so users can instantly signin through Facebook.

Your site provides RSS feeds and imports them too.


We're SEO friendly. Pages and data have automatic metadata so your content can be found by search engines. Use Google Analytics to analyze your site visitors. You can override the metadata with custom page titles, descriptions and keywords.


Configure your Google Maps API and APIs so that profile data is geocoded and maps are provided with your profiles. Then add Foursquare Venues so users can check in!

Calendar Synchronization

Add and update calendar events automatically from a VCalendar/ICS compliant calendar URL, like Google Calendars.

Video Services

Your site can import videos and metadata directly from Youtube, Vimeo and Ustream. Share the content in the right place. ConcourseConnect also integrates with your own Kaltura server (or Concursive's).

Document Services

Integrate with Open Office to create HTML and Flash slideshows of many popular document types, including OpenOffice, Microsoft Office: Word Excel Powerpoint, PDF and RTF.

Profile Configuration

Create and modify templates for user profiles, create user badges and setup defaults for all of your profiles.

Email Templates

Give emails a look and feel specific to your site using HTML. Email digests are sent to your users in an easy to read and follow email from their actvity stream.

Points System

A number of components are included so that your best users are awarded points for contributions they make. Adjust the points according to your site.

Project Management

Enable Agile software development by using the integrated agile project management tools. Backlogs, Tasks, Red-Flags, Burndown Charts and more. Visually drag-and-drop cards into new buckets to quickly provide updates on effort remaining, to make assignments and to reprioritize.

Manage Your Community

The hooks are in place so that a Concursive Community Management Console can be added at any time. With the Management Console you and your web team can: Import contact lists for inviting users to your site, respond to Contact Us inquiries, Market to new and existing users, automatically handle unscribe requests, and more.

Add A Community to Your Existing Site (SSO)

If you have an existing web site or service and you want to allow those users into a ConcourseConnect site, then you can add a button to your existing site enabling users to have instant access to your new community. This is great for providing discussion groups or social networks to your existing products and user base.


A number of reports are supplied. ConcourseConnect uses embedded JasperReports so that reports can be customized and sent on a schedule to you as needed. Easily integrate with your favorite reports vendor.

Additional Capabilities

These are additional capabilities that take some effort to get right. Most of the time it doesn't take much, but Concursive is here to help.

Mobile Apps

Let us take your social network and make it mobile! We have many features to choose from and we can bring get a first version done very quickly. ConcourseConnect communities can have their own iPhone, iPad and Android apps. These apps contain information from your site and become a natural extension of your site, or sometimes the only front-end your users will need.

Apps include Login, Sign-Up, Content from our CMS, all of the profile types (Events, People, Businesses, Projects) from your community, Maps, Check-Ins, Photos, Videos and so much more.

Community Management Console

Wow! Your system is live and users are filing in. How are you going to visualize all the users and their relationships? With Concursive's Community Management Console. It's easy to get started.

Additional Profile Types

Have an idea for a new profile? Design the landing page, fields and permissions and we'll integrate it into the product.

Additional Page Templates

Need a new combination of content and widgets? Let us build something that works great and is easy to upgrade.

Custom Page Layouts and Widgets

Need to arrange or make changes to existing widgets? Let us tweak the layouts for you. We have an extensive library of widgets to choose from.

Custom Meta-data

Sometimes you need to make very specific changes to your meta-data. We can help.


Sell products and services right from your site whether one-time or recurring. Let your customers subscribe to your site. We integrate with and Cybersource.


Handle micro-transactions on your site with a wallet system that users can contribute to.

Custom Workflow

You have an idea in which a data point in a system does something, somewhere else. Our efficient workflow system does this. Assign badges based on behavior and more.

Rewards System

The basic system is in place to award your users for good behavior. If you have an idea, we can add it.

Decision Engine

Provide interactive experiences to your users. The decision engine is like a micro-application that is easy to design and implement. From basic voting polls to extensive training applications.

Live Map

Pull your site's content together in an attractive way. Work with us to design an interactive live map of your content.

Additional Integrations

Some integrations we've done:

  • Recurring Billing and Saas Billing integration
  • event planning integration
  • Dimdim web collaboration (now owned by
  • ViVu web collaboration (now owned by PolyCom)

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