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Managing Leads

Posted by Phil Kessler on March 18, 2009, 8:35 AM EDT
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Leads are Valuable - Don't Leave Follow Up to Chance

How does your company get it's leads - website, direct mail, mass media adverising, trade shows?  It's probably one or all of these.  And every single method costs money.  That means each lead has a monetary value and should be treated as such.  You wouldn't buy a compiuter monitor for $100 and throw it out the next day.  But if you pay $5000 to attend a trade show and get 50 business cards, each one has cost $100. Make sure it's worked properly by the right person.

Leads management tools differ from one CRM application to another.  Assignment notification, process management, manager oversight, record creation and final disposition are the steps in an efficient leads management process.  And the process must be simple and intuitive so that the system is used.

Concourse Suite allows easy leads distribution via email notification and Action Plans.  An Action Plan is an easily built, step by step, dynamic outline of the company's approved procedure for lead follow up.  It can be attached to each lead so that the salesperson following up has the company roadmap and management can monitor progress.

Leads are potential revenue - make sure you handle with care.

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