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February 13

Ananth B.: Testing

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February 24

Matt Rajkowski @Ananth B.: Nice chatting with you today! Looking forward to some new developments.

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Ananth B. in reply to Matt Rajkowski: Nice chatting with you as well. Me too....the wiki cache should be a nice and a much needed improvement.

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January 31

Ananth B.: The new 'My Friends' and 'I'm a member of' views look great on the profile page..

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  • Hometown: Bangalore, India
  • Occupation: Developer
  • Interested in Collaboration: Yes
  • Interested in Communities: Yes
  • Interested in CRM: Yes
  • Most recent discovery: Twitter's kinda neat!
  • When I'm not online...: Movies, Books & Karate!
  • What's interesting about me?: @$%#$%@#
  • Favorite quote: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
  • Favorite movie: Many....The Shawshank Redemption comes to mind!
  • Favorite book: Atlas Shrugged -- Ayn Rand
  • Favorite song: Humey thumsey pyaar kitna...
  • Favorite sport: obviously, Cricket...
  • Favorite sports team: Indian National Cricket Team.
  • Favorite color: Black
  • Favorite food: Indian, Anything Homemade..
  • Astrological sign: Virgo

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