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July 14

Matt Rajkowski @ConcourseConnect Support: The change log for Version 6 has been added –¬†also look at Version 5 which has been updated too.

8 months ago

April 29

Matt Rajkowski @ConcourseConnect Support: ConcourseConnect 6.0 is starting to roll out to customers! The focus has been on modern web pages, easier customization, and more options for mobile.

10 months ago

March 09

bill fan @ConcourseConnect Support posted a reply to where can I find source code?

2 years ago • 2 comments

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Matt Rajkowski @ConcourseConnect Support in reply to bill fan: We've added easier to find download links right from the Try/Download page on the site.

1 year ago

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Yasser M. @ConcourseConnect Support in reply to Matt Rajkowski: Is there a way to upgrade from ConcourseConnect 2.x to 3.x or 4.x? Versions are coming out but we haven't upgrade since v. 2. I do not see later versions on or

12 months ago

April 05

December 03

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