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Build Relationships, Close More Business

ConcourseSuites CRM module is an enterprise class customer relationship management solution that integrates seamlessly with the other modules of ConcourseSuite. With a full range of complementary tools, ConcourseCRM enables businesses to generate new leads, manage the sales process and manage and service existing customers.


Leads and Pipeline

Manage the entire sales cycle—from lead capture and contact management to pipeline tracking and quoting.



Make the most of your leads and grow current customers by developing compelling, trackable marketing campaigns.


Customer Service

Identify, track and resolve customer issues quickly and consistently with advanced action plan, case management and ticketing tools.


Enterprise Document Management

Make valuable information accessible and usable across the organization with tools for efficient document storage and management.


Collaboration Made Simple

ConcourseSuite's Team module is an integrated collaboration toolkit. It brings together discussions, news and document management in a project-based environment that enables team solutions and greater efficiency.

For the first time, creating projects, sharing ideas, and collaborating with others is simple. All you need is an idea to get started.


Project Based

Create secure virtual workspaces with role based access to project assets. Define projects plans that assign responsibilities and track progress toward team goals.



Keep all project team members informed and engaged by collecting the latest project news in one common place.



Provide a structured environment for exchanging ideas by centralizing communications among project members. Discussion forums can be moderated.


Document Management

Store key documents securely online for easy retrieval using a flexible folder-based system with versioning. Document system is WebDAV enabled.


Make Your Website Work for You

Websites have long since evolved from an optional nice-to-have to their current role as a critical tool for establishing and growing a business. ConcourseSuite's Web module delivers a complete set of tools for managing and optimizing your online presence.

Your website is often the first point of contact with potential customers, so it needs to be easy to find, informative, up-to-date and compelling. ConcourseSuite provides the tools to make that a reality, giving you the ability to build, manage and maximize your website with one easy to use solution. (Our website is running entirely on ConcourseConnect and ConcourseSuite technology. For other examples, please visit BrandFuel)


CRM Integration

Information captured through your website is seamlessly entered into ConcourseCRM for follow up.


Website Design

Create and publish effective websites with built-in templates and tools that guide you through the process.


Web Content Management

Make immediate changes to your website so that your prospective customers have a fresh view of your business.


Search Engine Optimization

Use ConcourseSuite tools to configure your site for the best results on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and



Offer your products and services online. The product catalog links directly into your ConcourseSuite system so that managing your online store is easy.


Plug Into New Functionality

ConcourseFLEX enables businesses to extend the functionality of ConcourseSuite via an open, industry standard plug-in architecture called Portlets. This architecture, combined with a public application programming interface (API) and open source code, makes ConcourseSuite highly modular and customizable.

ConcourseSuite provides a set of pre-developed Portlets out of the box; we are happy to develop new Portlets to meet particular client needs. In addition, any professional Java developer can create additional Portlets to be deployed within ConcourseSuite.

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