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Customization and Integration

Extend the functionality of ConcourseSuite via an open, industry standard plug-in architecture called Portlets. This architecture, combined with a public application programming interface (API) and open source code, makes ConcourseSuite highly modular and customizable.

ConcourseSuite provides a set of pre-developed Portlets out of the box; we are happy to develop new Portlets to meet particular client needs. In addition, any professional Java developer can create additional Portlets to be deployed within ConcourseSuite.

What's a Portlet

A Portlet is a web application that runs inside of a special container called a Portal. Each Portlet is in and of itself a miniature application. Portlets can be quite simple, such as a graphical dashboard. Or they can be quite complex, making calls to external databases and executing sophisticated business logic. Once they are developed, they can easily be plugged into various areas of the ConcourseSuite platform, taking advantage of the platform's security architecture, multi-tenancy, and role-based permission system. With the inclusion of Portlets, client-specific customizations can now be added to ConcourseSuite in a fraction of the time and will never interfere with upgrades to the core system. This makes custom functionality both easy to implement and maintain.

Pre Built Custom Portlets

A multitude of pre-built Portlets are already available for use within ConcourseSuite with more on the way. They range from marketing applications for placing ads to analytics and charting tools. Much of the content you see on is delivered via portlets. In addition, the extensive product catalog capabilities on the BrandFuel website are all provided by ConcourseSuite Portlets.

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