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Happy Birthday Open Solutions Alliance! Let's all celebrate....

Posted by Jeff Hershey on May 9, 2008, 9:10 AM EDT
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The Open Solutions Alliance recently celebrated its first anniversary. It's been a busy year and as a group we've seen ongoing market traction and expansion.

With every year that passes, the market for open source evolves and matures. There are many market drivers (too many for me to list in a single blog post), but one of the most basic is the benefits that users of all kinds gain from open solutions. Open technology and an open philosophy combined with the cost-effectiveness and simplicity required by SMEs and the collaboration functionality to meet the needs of the enterprise user, mean that open source solutions are rapidly gaining ground at both ends of the market.

Here at Concursive, our customer base has not only grown in size year over year, it's also changed radically in terms of the types of customers we deal with. One of our latest customers, which we are preparing to announce next week, is a financial services company that conducted a year-long evaluation of several key vendors in the CRM and sales lead management markets before deciding that Concursive’s ConcourseSuite 5.0 was the best solution.

This reflects the market opportunity for open source, not only for the vendors, but also for business users everywhere. It's an anniversary for everyone to celebrate - here's to the next year for the OSA and for open source advocates everywhere!

Michael Harvey

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