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Google's Android: Open Source Phones and CRM

Posted by Michael Harvey on October 15, 2007, 7:35 PM EDT
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Google’s recent announcement of Android, the open source development platform for mobile devices, is a fascinating new move in mobile software and as I see it, an important step in the ongoing evolution of next generation CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Take a look at Mobile Opportunity’s post which breaks down the details of Android.

From a technical standpoint, I think it makes a lot of sense that Android’s fundamental platform architecture is Linux and Java, with a SQL database, because of its advantages with security, cross-platform portability, and general robustness. From a business standpoint, I’m thrilled that Google chose this platform because it is precisely the same architecture that we used to build Centric CRM. With all the advantages of the Java platform, there’s no question why we--and Google--chose it as the basis for enterprise-level applications.

To kick off Android, Google is hosting a competition for mobile developers with a $10M prize for the best application built this winter. And while it will likely be a glitzy consumer application that wins, I think the most valuable use of the platform will be to enable the creation of true enterprise class business applications that can be used on a wide variety of devices by business people on the go.

An extended enterprise needs a CRM that can adapt to its diverse needs independent of location. Now with the opportunity Android provides, and other advances in the mobile enterprise space, CRM can extend this advantage to mobile devices optimizing productivity for anyone in the company in any location.

Now I’m not officially stating that Centric will be going after the $10M prize… but let’s just say that the opportunity that Android created has really generated some buzz from our development teams. With the convenience and portability of the Java platform and the new demands of mobile business people, Android could easily be the next big step for CRM software.

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