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Have an idea or just want to see what else others are coming up with? You’re in the right place.’s Ideas are a collecting point for a number of things ranging from suggestions for improving our products and feature requests to broader thoughts about collaboration, online communities and related topics. So, post your Idea and find out what other community members think or weigh in with your opinions on other ideas.

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    Include Plan Updates in Activity Stream

    Connect: Features

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    Tag Clouds in User & Custom Profiles

    Connect: Features

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    Email Notifications for Featured Profiles

    Connect: Features

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    CRM overview video?

    CRM: Features

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    right-column info boxes should be login-term-limited

    Connect: Features

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    Top Level Menu As a Left Sidebar

    Connect: Features

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    Google App Engine Support?

    Connect: Features

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    exporting projects plan data, lists, etc

    Connect: Features

  9. Place "share this" icons on blog posts photo
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    Place "share this" icons on blog posts

    Anything Else

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    Import of Contacts and Calendars

    Anything Else

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Set an image for Random Pictures in Photos Carousel

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Random Pictures in Photos Carousel

Category: Connect: Features

Provide an option to display random photos in the carousel portlet

The carousel portlet displays latest "n" number of photos from the given profile category. For example, in the "People" or "Community" page, latest 10 photos of members are displayed. However, the latest photos portlet doesn't display the pictures of longstanding and old members of a community.

Provide an option in the carouselportlet to display random images belonging to a particular category from the entire community. This breaks the monotony of pictures in a community which may not see too many new members after some time (e.g., a school).

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  1. "Email me" about project changes photo
    "Email me" about project changes

    Connect: Features

  2. positioning photo positioning

    Anything Else

  3. Adding pages to the wiki photo
    Adding pages to the wiki

    Connect: Features

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