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If you can imagine building your own social-collaborative hub, with your brand on top, that you totally control, and with features that look like a combination of Facebook, Linked In, Yahoo Groups and Yammer, then you have Connect. Enterprise-level security, deployable either on-premise or on-demand, totally customizable, and upgradeable as supported software.


With some users, mobile access is the difference between whether they engage and participate with you or not. Now, adding mobility to your social-collaboration strategy is easy. By configuring and personalizing Concursive's Mobile to your needs, you have a robust solution brought to bear quickly, cost-effectively, and seamlessly integrated with Connect if you want!

Management Console

Small hubs and communities usually don't require a Management Console. But if you're building a community that will touch thousands and maybe even millions of users, having an integrated operations platform to coordinate data, survey users, manage a help desk, and perform other support tasks, then it's essential. This is where Management Console comes into play.

Central Database

Connect, Mobile and the Management Console all have access to the same secure Central Database. This model guarantees that data is synchronized and available anywhere-anytime and as such that users have a pain-free experience in moving seamlessly from one device to another.

Services Gateway

In today's world, if your IT team can't leverage a Services Gateway and thus readily integrate 3rd party services that live "in the cloud", and if they can't have everything easily upgrade with new versions, patches and fixes, then you're on the wrong type of platform. And thus, your user community is at a feature disadvantage and your Total Cost of Ownership unnecessarily high.

Cloud Services

Concursive's solution, comprised of Connect, Mobile and the Management Console, have been architected to facilitate seamless integration with great third party services like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Placefinder, Google Maps, Concourse Suite, Youtube, Vimeo, Ustream, eTouches, Cyber Source,, Open Meetings and just about any other product you may have in mind.

Case Studies

More than a website, Hubs engage, educate and involve stakeholders. Read about some of our key deployments. These include needs process and technology components.

Featured Case Studies:

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Launch Your Own “Social Mobile Local” Hub

Let us guide you through the process of building your own Hub by following a proven model:

  • Learn: what's possible
  • Design: around your needs
  • Prototype: to lower risk
  • Deploy: on time and in budget

The Process