• Helping to feed the hungry
  • Empowering groups to collect food
  • Mobile app to facilitate food drives

About We Feed

While it's not hard to give food, it's not easy. We believe many more people will as we make it incredibly easy to do so.

WeFeed.US accomplishes this by providing groups and teams the means to run their own visible, fun and effective food campaigns. In terms of technology, think of us as Uber plus Linked In for collecting food.

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Needs and Problems

We use web portal and our mobile app to help combat food insecurity by streamlining the process of gathering and transporting food donations to those in need of them.

In our Church Rotation Program, food drives are scheduled and the appropriate number of WeFeed donation bags are dropped off well in advance. Members of the congregation take them home, fill them up, and bring them in a week later, and our drivers take care of picking them up and delivering them to the Foodbank.

Existing Program Support

We have recently begun discussing a closer partnership with the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia in order to boost the effectiveness of our program and spread awareness about it further.

Breadth of Features
Familiarity & Ease of Use

We Feed is owned and operated by Concursive Coporation

Process Employed

They deployed their new web site through the iterative approach followed by most organizations building hubs. The phases they went through:

Prototype: Covered roughly two months; two weeks for structuring the new Connect site, one month for development of new features, and two weeks for socializing it to stakeholders, gaining feedback, and then reaching consensus to go to the next phase.

Beta: Began immediately; the prototype "turned into" the beta. Additional customizations were made, users brought up and initial programs launched.

Soft Launch: As the beta continued and confidence grew, the site morphed into the initial "for real" system as existing content was added and volunteers were trained on how to manage the content for which they were responsible.

Production: It's now in full production with the full suite of capabilities employed: Web, mobile, management console and a number of cloud services plugged in.