We Guide You Through The Process

1. Learn

Knowing what's possible is the first step to getting started. Read Case Studies, visit existing Communities, and experience the Mobile Apps of others. This is easy... should be fun... and in all cases is FREE! Then when you're all "learned up", excited and want to know more, Contact Us.

2. Design

Two steps: First, identify your needs. Second, map them against features in Concursive mainly focusing on "out-of-the-box" capabilities. Why? Prototyping is next, not production. Guard against analysis-paralysis. If you need help, even consider visiting us; we have rapid-design workshops for this purpose and Virginia is nice anytime of year... and the end-of-day sea food and wine are on us!

3. Prototype

Prototypes are our and your secret sauce. They are brought up in days, are live instantiations that your stakeholders play with, and they offer key insights. They lower risk, personal and organizational, by building momentum and involving others. Because they're deployed quickly, investment is modest, and because our technology is so malleable, they're not throw aways.

4. Deploy

Deployment completes what likely began as a prototype, had one or more beta iterations, and that involved increasingly more users. Less personalized hubs deploy very quickly, more customized ones, longer. Once deployed, however, your system can still evolve while retaining all components on a standard, upgradeable path. Remember, this is not your father's website building technology.

Case Studies

More than a website, Hubs engage, educate and involve stakeholders. Read about some of our key deployments. These include needs process and technology components.

Featured Case Studies:

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