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Concursive Releases Comprehensive Open Source Community and Collaboration Solution

Posted by Jeff Hershey on May 19, 2009, 8:00 AM EDT
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NORFOLK, VA (May 19, 2009) - Concursive Corporation (, a leading developer of open source business software, today announced the launch of ConcourseConnect, a solution that enables the rapid creation of dynamic online communities -- with applications ranging from social networking sites to business directories and collaborative intranets.

The strength and uniqueness of ConcourseConnect lies in its melding of functionality from four areas currently receiving a lot of attention -- online community, collaboration, content management and business tools like customer relationship management (CRM). It provides the ability to quickly create an online community with embedded web 2.0 tools like blogs, wikis and forums and integrated CRM capabilities for managing and leveraging the data and activity of that community. The latter is especially compelling to businesses striving to harness the power of social networking to create what Concursive calls "commercial networks."

For businesses of all sizes, ConcourseConnect represents a comprehensive toolkit providing all of the necessary pieces to create, maintain and leverage online communities. It addresses the desires of businesses to be more visible, help their employees to work together more effectively, and create a type of new dialogue with their customers.

"The evolution of the website, an all-in-one connection utility, social networking meets business; ConcourseConnect means different things to different people," said Jeff Hershey, VP of Marketing for Concursive. "Perhaps the easiest way to think of ConcourseConnect is that it blends together the best pieces of online community, collaboration, content management and CRM software into one scalable, centrally managed solution."

Concursive has created six live sample sites ( to illustrate a wide range of community-based applications for ConcourseConnect. From building a social networking website to providing a robust corporate intranet for internal collaboration, ConcourseConnect is a truly flexible solution that can be tailored to virtually any company or organization's needs. This flexibility is further enhanced by the use of the Java portlet architecture, which provides for easy integration of additional services and functionality.

The source code version of ConcourseConnect is provided under the GNU Affero General Public License (GPL) and is available for download here: A commercial version providing greater scalability and integration capabilities is available starting at $5,000/yr for on-premise deployments. Concursive also offers a hosted option, with pricing available on request.
About Concursive Corporation

Concursive Corporation is a privately held open source software company headquartered in Norfolk Virginia. The company is the developer of several products, including ConcourseSuite, a dedicated CRM solution, and ConcourseConnect, an integrated web-based solution that brings together elements of social networking, online community, collaboration and CRM capabilities.
Concursive products are used by both large enterprises and thousands of small businesses, and their thriving developer and user community has more than 15,000 registered members.

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