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June 28

Concursive Corporation tweeted Norfolk's July Wellness Competition for good decisions on exercise, food, mindfulness and sleep…

4 weeks ago

May 25

Concursive Corporation tweeted The #wellness teams platform is out! Get the apps, create a team, and compete

2 months ago

September 07

Matt Rajkowski @Concursive Corporation: The Building Blocks of Digital Transformation: Community, Tech, Business Models, and a Change Platform

10 months ago

August 29

Concursive Corporation tweeted Good job using the Concursive and OpenDataSoft platforms!

11 months ago

August 26

Matt Rajkowski @Concursive Corporation: The new collaboration economy –¬†Open by default

11 months ago

August 25

Concursive Corporation tweeted RT @rajkowski: Driving the new economy in Virginia with Governor McAuliffe #datathonva #opendata

11 months ago

August 12

Matt Rajkowski @Concursive Corporation: Good community managers manage their communities. Great community managers enable their communities. https://www.communityroundta...

11 months ago

July 22

Concursive Corporation tweeted RT @GOV2COM: 1st place winner of the AeroTech-Concursive Sea Level Rise Challenge is Interactive Canes!!

1 year ago

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