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Twitter integration functionality

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Twitter integration functionality

12/8/2009 11:26 AM EST (edited)
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By Matt Rajkowski

Concursive Corporation
Product Design


There are many ways to integrate with Twitter... Concursive decided to use selective posting so that posts on Twitter appear on ConcourseConnect web sites. This allows users to use the Twitter web site and various client tools to additionally post to a targeted community.

We've updated the sample solution sites to include this feature. Users just need to setup an account on one of the sample sites, then in the Chatter area, follow the directions to link your twitter id and then to post on twitter with the corresponding hash tag.

One note, if you setup a Twitter account today, it's unlikely that your posts will appear for at least a week, and that's due to a well known Twitter FAQ in which Twitter updates are not available in the Twitter API for some time. However, if you area long time Twitter user, your tweets should appear in minutes.

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