Janice S.

  • Johannesburg, Gauteng
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June 05

Janice S.: Hi again Gareth - Mark has suggested that I refresh my browser for KBZ. Will let you know once I get a chance to do that and if I am still experiencing problems. thanks Janice

7 years ago

March 07

Mark G. @Janice S.: are you still online?

7 years ago

March 12

Janice S.: Hi Mark - TechConnect pres uploaded. thanks Janice

8 years ago

December 05

Janice S.: Hi Mark - have 2 new items to upload but really struggling - an Ndebele PPT adnd the SAQA tender doc. I think it's our poor bandwidth here? but will keep trying.

9 years ago

September 20

Janice S.: Janice S.: Hi Mark I've just uploaded draft one of the presentation. Feeling that it should be on a more partnership driven template. if you agree, I'll get my studio to develop something quickly. As you'll see, I never stick to the number of slides we discuss. :-) but open to changes and edits. I will fix the Indigo logo - at the moment it's showing on a white block. Look forward to comments. Thanks Janice

9 years ago


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