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Training Programs

Concursive offers 3 or 4-session developer training courses to help you make the most of ConcourseSuite CRM.

Each course provides an overview of Concursive software development methodologies, ConcourseSuite CRM configuration, and hands-on examples for customizing ConcourseSuite CRM including module development using portlets, workflow and rules engine components, API usage, CSS changes, database support, custom plug-in support and deployment. The sessions are interactive and tailored to the customer’s needs.

Participants will learn and see demonstrations of key technologies and customization points.

Example sessions:

Session 1 – ConcourseSuite CRM, Configuration and Customization Overview
  • CRM History and Philosophy
  • Installation Requirements
  • Configuration Overview
  • Customization Overview
  • Key Technologies
  • Modules Overview
  • Q&A
Session 2 – Development
  • Technical documentation and wiki
  • Package structure
  • Directories
  • DAO and List Classes
  • API Development… client tools and server end-points
  • Object Hooks Development
  • Q&A
Session 3 – Development
  • Single Sign-On
  • Look and Feel Customization
  • Q&A
Session 4 – Development
  • Keeping code separate from the CRM and building with plug-ins
  • Object Validation
  • Module Development using Actions and Portlets
  • Reports: creating reports and installing them
  • Q&A

Concursive demonstrates and trains on the latest version of ConcourseSuite CRM. Contact Concursive to setup your training sessions.

Comments (6)

How can i attend this developer program?

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Kamal Sharma

9 years ago

You will need to use the Contact Us form and let us know you are interested. When there's enough general interest we will host a broader session. If there is a company or organization which wants us to do training for their implementation/development group then we can arrange that too. In that case we provide paid training based on either the ConcourseSuite CRM agenda or we tailor it to the organization's specific needs. That training can be done online via web conferencing or in person.

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Matt Rajkowski

9 years ago

Is there any video or document available to learn the development of ConcourseSuite CRM?

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Kamal Sharma

9 years ago

Hello, your CRM looks great! Do you have resellers in Mexico?

Thanks in advance

Paco LS photo
Paco LS

9 years ago

We do not have any resellers in Mexico. Contact us if interested!

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Matt Rajkowski

9 years ago

Few queries from my side
1. Concursive crm price
2. Name the customer which have /had implemented concursize crm.
3. Do you have any partners in India.
4. Who will carryout the implementation for paid version.
5. How much this can scale. we have customer base around
6. Infrastructure required for in premise implementation.
7. Is it secure application.
8. can we customize the development.
9 do you have a community edition

Default user photo
sunil indalkar

6 years ago

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