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NORFOLK, VA (May 19, 2009) - Concursive Corporation (, a leading developer of open source business software, today announced the launch of ConcourseConnect, a solution that enables the rapid creation of dynamic online communities -- with applications ranging from social networking sites to business directories and collaborative intranets.

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After attending a moving presentation from Don Tapscott (of Wikinomics fame) at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston, almost two years ago, I felt encouraged about the work Concursive was doing with centralized tools for businesses.  The CRM had the right features for sales force automation and document management, and managers were happy seeing daily roll-ups of opportunities and action planning. Don had convinced me that there needed to be more collaborative elements in the business process, "a paradigm shift."

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We're excited to announce the launch of six live sample sites based on common use cases for our ConcourseConnect product.

We've set up six fully functional sample sites to provide an interactive way to learn more about ConcourseConnect and to provide inspiration for your projects by illustrating some key use cases.

Each of the sites highlights a different implementation of the platform while illustrating the six default configurations available with ConcourseConnect. These configurations include variations in layout, functionality, selection and location of various content portlets, etc.

Visit our Solutions page to access the sites and view a short description of each.

In addition, our Early Access Program is now live. This program gives the community a chance to access the beta version of ConcourseConnect. To learn more about the program, read a more detailed blog post here.

I encourage you to visit the sample sites, and if you want to do a deeper dive, join the Early Access Program. As always, we look forward to and appreciate your feedback as we continue to refine our product.


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Today Concursive is proud to announce that it has become a part of the ZipTie Open Network Alliance (ZONA). ZONA is an alliance committed to several key areas which we have been continually dedicated to, including interoperability, standardization, best practices and the creation of value-added tools. In November 2006, many of these same reasons fueled our drive to become a founding member of the Open Solutions Alliance, a group dedicated to those very ideals in open source software.

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In hindsight, it almost feels inevitable that after countless anti-trust lawsuits and reticence towards third-party developers, Microsoft has opened up its major APIs. Following the likes of Google, a company that strongly encourages community development on its products, Microsoft's move seems a bit overdue but ultimately quite logical.

More and more software focus is turning away from desktop computing towards web applications and services. The SaaS phenomenon is one example, as is the increasingly visible open source movement.

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Introducing a New Blog Contributor

Posted by Michael Harvey on February 8, 2008 7:35 AM EST
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I want to take time today to introduce my colleague, Jeff Hershey, VP of Business Development at Concursive - Business Social Software Platform, who will be posting here regularly beginning next week.

Jeff joined us last fall after a successful run as VP of Business Development for a tech company in Pennsylvania. Jeff has broad experience with both technical and non-technical companies of all sizes. His background will help expand the topic range on this blog; he will be posting some of his views/opinions on the importance of customer relationships, growing your customer base, and other general thoughts on relationship management.

He has already proven to be a great addition to the Concursive team and I am delighted to have him join forces with me on this blog.


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Sun Shines $1B on Open Source Database MySQL

Posted by Michael Harvey on January 17, 2008 9:40 PM EST
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Huge news in the Open Source world today: Sun Microsystems announced that it will spend $1B to acquire the Open Source database MySQL. MySQL is the back-end of the LAMP stack (Linux OS, Apache server, MySQL database, and PHP programming language), on which many web applications are based, not to mention web giants like Facebook and Google. The press release can be read here, which contains the following paragraph:

"This broad penetration coupled with MySQL's strength in Web 2.0, Software as a Service (SaaS), enterprise, telecom and the OEM embedded market make it an important fit for Sun. With MySQL, Sun will have the ability to deepen its existing customer relationships and create new opportunities with companies seeking the flexibility and ease-of-use of open source systems. With MySQL, Sun will have the ability to deepen its existing customer relationships and create new opportunities with companies seeking the flexibility and ease-of-use of open source systems."

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