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New Feature Roundup for June 2016

Posted by Matt Rajkowski on June 10, 2016, 2:00 PM EDT
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This is the first feature roundup so this will mostly be a list of improvements and changes to ConcourseConnect over the past few months.

Upgrades are continuously rolled out to customers as development items are completed, features are tested, and issues resolved. Upgrades typically occur with a specific customer site and then the feature is rolled out gradually to others.

What's new in Connect?

  • Badges have been integrated with the search engine to filter results by badges
  • New data directories can be added via the Admin module; each receives a data-driven/dynamic landing page with portlets for showing profiles, searching and adding new data
  • More widgets and modules have been updated with the Zurb Foundation UI
  • More UI Buttons and Icons use FontAwesome
  • The user list can be exported to Excel for analysis
  • Added INR and CHF currencies
  • Profile custom data and Profile user-related custom data has been added to profiles and the api to record custom data
  • An OpenDataSoft portlet has been added to integrate with OpenDataSoft Data Portals

What's changed in Connect?

  • In process or broken images now retry and fallback to a default
  • Google Analytics updates
  • Facebook integration updates
  • Profile wiki can show information from the profile's custom data
  • Search results can show a badge next to the profile
  • Landing pages adapt to the number of underlying profile data... showing the complete list of profiles or showing just what's new and linking to a show more page
  • User messaging rules require you to be friends, although an Admin can always initiate a conversation
  • User experience improvements

What's new with the API?

  • /api/category added to create campaign categories
  • /api/checkIn tags capability
  • /api/checkInList returns date range, tags, messages
  • /api/message treated the same as web messages
  • /api/photoList can be limited to geocoded entries and shape boundaries
  • /api/profileList can be limited to geocoded entries and shape boundaries, can include badge info
  • /api/site includes useful information about the user including badges and capabilities
  • /api/status
  • /api/statusList

What's new with mobile?

  • Photos can be geocoded and shown on a map
  • User generated data points can be put on a map and updated at a later time
  • Data can be bound by geographic shapes
  • Search improvements to locate information via a narrow scope or a less granular scope; improvements to searching by a location; nearest/best/popular/newest sorting
  • Can show web pages designed in Connect as part of a module
  • As users pan the map, new data is loaded
  • In iOS, the app icon badge count can be remotely pushed by Connect based on profile and message updates
  • Place data can be augmented by information
  • And more

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