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Web app monitoring in ConcourseConnect

Posted by Matt Rajkowski on January 6, 2014, 11:00 AM EST
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Updated July 28, 2014 to include Domain Name expiration monitoring

ConcourseConnect includes its own web app monitoring function. While it is still important to implement a remote monitoring solution, we've added this capability because ConcourseConnect is dependent on various resources and it was important to know right away when something isn't right or to prevent problems in advance. ConcourseConnect monitoring helps find issues that are usually not monitored by other solutions or which take a lot of effort to configure.

Without any configuration, here's what is monitored by ConcourseConnect:

  • Web Server Status – Are dynamic web pages available and is the content consistent with expectations? Are there any issues with serving static content, like images?
  • File System Availability and Free Space – Is there enough disk space for ongoing operation?
  • Database Connectivity – Can the database be reached and successfully execute queries?
  • SSL Certificate Analysis – Is the SSL certificate expired or soon to expire?
  • Network Availability – Is DNS resolving correctly, can the mail server be reached, or are there any connectivity issues?
  • CPU Performance – What is the CPU load?
  • Domain name expiration – Is the domain name expiring soon? or if the site isn't working, is it because the domain name is already expired?

Admins of the site receive the emails periodically only when these issues persist. The email property can be overridden so that emails go to a group email or support address. Set the MONITOR.EMAIL_TO property to one or more email addresses.

The monitoring capability was added to ConcourseConnect 5 and expanded in ConcourseConnect 6.

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