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Planning for ConcourseConnect 2.0

Posted by Matt Rajkowski on March 11, 2010 3:30 PM EST
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Now that 2.0 could be released at any moment, I wanted to do a quick write up of what to expect. You can read the entire software change report in the ConcourseConnect 2.0 Software Changelog Wiki which describes the improved functionality, but what about the actual process of upgrading?

For Users, things will just work better.  Better browser compatibility, fewer clicks to do the same things, and curiously new portlets. Users will generally 'get' these portlets.

For Community Managers, I can't think of anything that needs to be configured before you start using 2.0. If you haven't been using the embedded ratings links... (Do you like this content, etc.), then you'll want to because those ratings can influence the way portlets display data. New to this release is an optional tie-in with ConcourseSuite. If you're curious then read about ConcourseSuite Integration.

For System Administrators, this may be one of your easiest upgrades yet (if things go well). Give your users ample notice that you will be performing an upgrade. You should provide links to this blog to let them explore the features coming. They can also take a look at the sample sites as well. When it comes to upgrading, be sure to backup the database, the old application, and the old file in the fileLibrary. The upgrade is automatic, and depending on how much existing data your site has, the upgrade could take 5 minutes or upwards of 30 minutes.

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