ConcourseSuite, the next-generation Front Office Solution, has arrived. Its platform encompasses CRM, order management, e-commerce catalogs and social networking. It embraces the always-on, always-connected world. It incorporates Web 2.0 technologies to enable much richer, many-to-many interactions among companies, their customers and other communities of interest.

ConcourseSuite embraces openness—open standards, open business models, open source, public APIs. It shuns customer lock-in; instead, it lets customers reuse their existing software, integrate with legacy applications, even utilize old CRM systems.

Next-generation CRM enables a new kind of enterprise—the Extended Enterprise—in which companies work not only with their suppliers and customers but also with resellers, distributors, franchisees and agents. Extended Enterprises can deploy the Concourse Suite platform to serve not just the enterprise itself but its dealer channel, franchisees, network of agents or online affiliate network.

Extended Enterprises seek a platform to build new functionality, not just a complete CRM solution. They hope to reuse their Java-based software components in other applications and integrate legacy systems with CRM. Unlike “closed box” systems of other CRM vendors, ConcourseSuite provides these platform features. ConcourseSuite delivers, a scalable, flexible architecture with robust security and ease of use.

ConcourseSuite includes all the basic functionality of previous generations and adds more, allowing companies to:

  • Interact with customers however those customers desire by adding Web 2.0 and social networking capabilities (re-christened Enterprise 2.0 for the business world.
  • Capture all customer data - webstatistics, CRM, Enterprise 2.0 and transactions - in a single database.
  • Deploy the application in radically flexible ways that suit companies’ size, budget and IT capabilities.
  • Deliver scalability and ease of use.

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ConcourseSuite Modules
  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Pipeline
  • Products
  • Marketing
  • Projects
  • Help Desk
  • Documents
  • Reports
  • Quotes
  • Orders

Key Features

  • Integrated Communication
  • Document Storage
  • Project Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Portlet Technology
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Enhanced Searching
  • Quick Actions Menu